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Welcome To Master Proof!


Master Proof offers a professional, thorough and reliable proofreading service to all university students, authors and other non-publishing or corporate clients.


Are you a student with English as your second language? Or maybe you are dyslexic? Or perhaps you are simply too busy to proofread your own thesis? Don’t let bad grammar and spelling mistakes affect your final grades!

I will proofread your assignments, essays or dissertations, providing advice on grammar or sentence structure if necessary.


A fresh pair of eyes is what you’ll need to help weed out any final mistakes or inconsistencies from the manuscript you’ve been toiling on for ages. Proofreading is, after all, the most important final stage before submitting your book to the publisher.

I also offer a comprehensive copy-editing service for academic authors who wish to submit journal articles for publication in the fields of humanities and social sciences.


Many businesses are now realising the advantages of using the services of a professional proofreader. Corporate brochures, websites, company literature and even product packaging that contain spelling mistakes, or are badly written, reflect negatively on the business. In business, first impressions count!



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