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How to Use Track Changes

Using Track Changes and Comments in Microsoft Word

Your assignment or essay will have been proofread and edited using the Track Changes function in Word. This allows you to see where amendments or corrections have been made to your work.

In addition, comments may have been added to the margins of your work in order to raise queries or to highlight inconsistencies, or to add further suggestions.

When you open your document, you can look at the changes that have been made and choose to do one of the following:

  • Look at each change that has been made in the document, and accept or reject each individual amendment before moving onto the next one.  This can be done by placing your cursor before the correction (or highlighting it), clicking on the Review tab in the toolbar and then, in the Changes section, clicking on Accept or Reject.

  • If you are happy with every proposed change in your document, you can choose to accept all the amendments by clicking on the 'Accept All Changes in Document' option, which is accessed by clicking on the arrow beneath the Accept button.

Comments can be deleted once they have been acted upon by clicking on the Delete button in the Comments section (which is also found under the Review tab in the toolbar).


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