Terms and Conditions of Business

For academic work that is to be assessed

Please ensure that you have the permission of your supervisor before hiring the services of a proofreader.

  • What I will do

I will proofread your work and correct spelling and grammatical mistakes, providing advice on sentence restructuring if needed. I will also check for: incorrect syntax; typographical errors; inconsistencies in your work, including the style and formatting of your assignment (which includes fonts and sub-headings); and that references are correctly cited according to academic convention.

I will also check for the misuse of common words, including words used out of context, and suggest alternative wordings to avoid repetition.

All amendments will be made using Track Changes in MS Word – if you are unsure how this works, please click here for further information.

  • What I will not do

I will not rewrite your assignment for you or check it for factual content, as I may not have the academic expertise for your field. I will be approaching your work with the view of ensuring that it makes sense and that your arguments flow. Anything over and above this could be in breach of strict university regulations on plagiarism and collusion.

I will not paraphrase or edit your work to specifically reduce or increase the word count. Neither will I change your argument or alter the structure of your thesis/content of your work.

The final grade awarded for your work is up to you – I cannot accept responsibility if the mark awarded is lower than expected.

  • Payment terms

The cost of this service for students is from £9 per 1,000 words pro rata, based on the total word count of the original document that is sent or emailed; for example, an assignment of 3,450 words would cost £31.05 to proofread (9 x 3.45). This also includes any pages of references, appendices or bibliography. The minimum fee is £20 (so anything under 1,000 words will still be charged at £20). If your assignment requires a large amount of proofreading or work to rectify grammar, presentation, etc., then I reserve the right to charge a higher fee to cover the extra work involved. However, I will notify you in advance if this is the case.

I will email you an invoice upon receipt of your assignment. Once payment has been received by PayPal or credit/UK debit card, I will return the finished copy to you. Payment should be in UK pounds sterling – if another currency is used, I have the right to add an extra £1 charge per transaction to cover conversion fees.

My working week is defined as Monday to Friday. Any emails sent on a Saturday or Sunday may not be read until the following Monday, so please bear this in mind when working against a deadline.

I will endeavour to proofread your work as soon as possible, to ensure a quick turnaround. However, to guarantee prompt return of your work, please do give enough notice of your submission deadlines.

If less than 48 hours’ notice of a deadline is given, or if I am required to turn an assignment around over the weekend, I have the right to increase the rate on a sliding scale up to £12 per 1,000 words. I will make allowances for exceptional personal circumstances, however this surcharge is to ensure that all students’ work can be prioritised and given the same amount of care and attention.

CVs and personal statements

I am happy to check CVs and personal statements, however the cost may vary depending on the amount of editorial work required. I will provide you with a quote in the first instance.

Articles for publication in academic journals

Articles for publication will be copy-edited to the highest standard from £12 per 1,000 words, up to a maximum of £16 per 1,000 words, depending on the turnaround time and level of intervention required. Please provide a copy of the journal's house style or guidelines (for example, as a PDF document or weblink) so that I can ensure that these are adhered to. Please understand that I cannot be held responsible if your article is not accepted for final publication in your chosen journal.